Who we are is the premier innovator in the bow tie world.

Chuck Blackburn founded the, the, as well as The

Chuck authered the "essential book" on bow ties, 

Years ago, Chuck was a manufacturers' rep of fine men's neckwear

to most of the best specialty shops in the US. As a lifelong fan

of bow ties, Chuck felt he knew why bow tie wearers love bow ties.

Bow ties make a  positive statement of style, intelligence, and 

individuality...when worn properly. Unlike long ties, bow ties serve a 

useful purpose and function. And, bow ties are not a slave to the fickle

fashion whimsies (wide-narrow-narrower-wider). Bow ties last longer 

and are most becoming when they fit ones eyesockets (approx. 2"x4.5")

Long ties can't provide what bow ties can. So, gentlemen (and their

spouses) gotta know how to buy, tie, and wear bow ties!

Don't pre-tied bow ties look fake, phony, and fool no one?? (editor's opinion)

All this and more are in the BowTie Bible ($25). a hilarious, edifying

hardcover, gold leaf, illustrated, easy read, and a great gift on any

occasion. A must for the interested, or those just curious about what they

don't know; they don't know. 




Newest Innovation In the Bow Tie World

We have developed the first-ever 15-in1Varieties bow tie.

15 different "looks" in one bow tie. It's exactly like getting 

fifteen top-quality bow ties for the price of one! We say

"exactly like" because this US handmade Bow tie is not like a 

"reversible", has 15 variations to maximize variety you can

quickly alter from one look to another in color and/or pattern 

combos that are "just right" for your attire, and perfect for most  

any occasion, be it business or pleasure, or anything that suit

 your creative side, or mood or whim! 

The English poet Willaim Couper wrote in1785, "Variety is the

very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor" 

You're invited to see all our 15-in-1Bow tie Varieties 

to find what quality innovation can mean for you...





All silks are $49.95 (+ tax and shipping) Buy 2 or more gets you 10% off plus free shipping

on the entire purchase. Join (for just $25/ annum) to get 20% off plus free shipping

on all purchases (plus members-only special sales and gifts)  

and if you purchase now you also get a free (signed) Bow Tie Bible ($25 value) 

Cotton or linen bow ties are $44.50 (before discounts). 

Annual memberships are $25 the first year and we pay your dues every year you

purchase anything more from our website!. We've made it easy to be a "Lifetime Member"

Keep in mind, as a member you continue to receive a 20% (or more) discount 

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All our bow ties are self-tie but can be removed after tying and

re-worn without retying. Specify regular or diamond tips on every order. 

All are 2-to-2 1/8 inches tall w/ adjustable neckband of silk grosgrain.

The formula is for proper width is (twice your neck size) +(3") Example

(15 1/2" X 2 = 31+ 3 = 34" That is how a bow tie can fit one's eye sockets.

silk grosgrain neckband for 14-17" neck.

(Custom size free please specify) All are modified butterflies. 


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ABTS bow ties are handmade in the USA of quality imported silk, primo cotton, or pastel linens. All ABTS bow ties measure approx. 2 1/8” by 4 1/4” with metal sizing slides on silk grosgrain neckbands around the back of the neck for comfort and to hold collars flat and closed with NO need for pesky top shirt button choking you. Made in the U.S.A.


Important information

All bow ties come withflat tips unless specifieddiamond, or combo(looks like diamond or flat) . These are 3-part bow ties with skinny G-hooks on both ends of the silk grosgrain sizing ribbon designed to layflat under collar backwithout slipping, stretching, bulging, or fraying as most bow ties are prone to do over time. We hand-make all bow ties(USA)to be no taller than a man’s eye-sockets(eyebrow to cheekbone) apx.2 1/8” . If you ask a circus clown why clownswear bow ties bigger than their faces they will, without pausing, reply “because, itmakesyou look like a CLOWN” . We also offer longer free sizingribbonsfor necks larger than 17 ½ at no extra charge. (Links showing simple instructions for altering variations (looks) are available) . The perfect measurement for a properly sized bow tie is 2 x neck size + 3 inches. That makes the horizontal measurement about 4 ½ “across. That’s about the width of the eye-sockets.


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